More Than A Press Agency, A Bridge Between France & Cambodia

  • The agency

Beyond Media Cambodia is building a bridge between Cambodia and France, between actors of all the sectors and media. With our French partner based in Paris, BE-Rp !, we are in touch with all the national media and specialized outlets in France. We can provide any kind of visibility on TV, radio, online, and printed newspapers.
Beyond Media Cambodia is the media and press branch of Beyond Retail Business Cambodia

  • The team

Emmanuel Scheffer
Co-founder and CEO

Emmanuel is an experienced journalist and media projects developer, with a strong network in Cambodia. Settled in the Kingdom since 2013, he ran different outlets as French printed and online medias, and English business magazines. He has a deep knowledge of the country, of its media landscape, and of the key actors.

Pierre-André Romano

Top Management positions for 20 years International and cross-cultural marketing expert in tourism, retail, and cultural products. He is in Cambodia since 2014, first as General Manager of the largest travel agency in Asia (Exo Travel), then as CEO of Artisans Angkor, biggest producer, and retailer of cultural goods in Cambodia. He is also currently President of the Artisan’s Association of Cambodia, and of the Siem Reap French Chamber of Commerce, as well as active member of the Government / Private Sector Forum on tourism.

Pierre Gillette
Special advisor

In Cambodia since 1994 as a freelance journalist, Pierre Gillette was the editor-in-chief of the French-language daily Cambodge Soir from 1995 to 2007, which had some twenty Cambodian and French journalists in its editorial staff. He then contributed to other journalistic projects including the creation of the online site thmeythmey.com while working in the fields of communication and publishing.

  • Beyond Retail Business Cambodia

BMC, the first press agency dedicated to Cambodia is the media and press branch of Beyond Retail Business Cambodia (BRB Cambodia) appointed by the Ministry of Commerce to manage the commercial area of the Cambodian Pavilion at Dubai 2021 World Expo.

Their ambition is to promote Cambodian products and know-how by supporting retail industries in Cambodia accessing local and international markets.

Their  experts identify Cambodian businesses needs, producers as well as retailers, and accompany them in creating and optimizing their distribution process, from the project’s conceptualization to the business operations’ support